Instructions for the use of the website and general selling conditions

Responsibilities and legal obligations


Selling conditions

The present general selling conditions discipline the selling modalities and conditions of the products that are present on the website property of Paolini Guarlotti S.a.S. - Viale A. Gramsci, 170 10095 Grugliasco (TO) - Tel. 011 781032. The displayed prices include taxes and/or fees (actual cost of the merchandise), therefore eventual additional costs will be taken into consideration in case of taxes or fees foreseen in the legislation of the countries of destination. The sum total is indicated on the digital copy of the order (a copy of which is always sent via email to the client) and it is automatically calculated by the system. Each calculation, amount, sum and/or discount is always subordinated to the unquestionable acceptance by the management offices of PAOLINI GUARLOTTI .

Delivery modalities and transportation costs

The merchandise will be delivered according to the following modalities at the client’s discretion: The courier that will be used for the delivery is CORRIERE MBE MAIL BOXES ETC. (Delivery within 2-8 days)  All delivery costs are displayed at the moment of purchase, because they are based on a . The delivery cost depends on the country of origins, the order could not be delivered in one solution, after the first delivery the delivery cost will not be applied and it will fall under Paolini Guarlotti’s responsibility. The effective prices are those displayed on the website at the moment of the order. All prices are VAT included (22%).

Payment modalities

The amount to be paid will be highlighted in the section of the order reporting the total cost of the order. The payment can be made in the following modalities at the client’s discretion:

Payment by anticipated bank transfer

It is possible to pay the order by anticipated bank transfer, the bank account details are: IBAN: IT50V0306930530100000013508 Banca Intesa San Paolo S.p.A. BIC: BCITITMM N.B.  The order will be processed only when we will receive the confirmation of the payment by the bank.

Online payment by PayPalTM

What is PayPal The PayPal system is based upon a registration (free and discretionary) to the website at the moment of the first purchase, the client will be asked to insert (in HTTPS modality with 128/256 bit coding) his/her personal data and the details of the credit card, creating as such a “PayPal Account” (discretionary) that later on will be used to pay the purchases made on our website and on many others that relay on this system; the great warranties provided and the insurance against frauds that cover the transactions made through such system have convinced us, PayPal is the most used system worldwide to manage online payments, it currently manages over 237 millions of online accounts, in Italy 4 internet users out of 10 choose PayPal for their purchases. IMPORTANT: IT IS COMPULSORY TO PROVIDE DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS OR AT THE MOMENT OF THE CONFIRMATION OF THE ORDER A TELEPHONE/FAX CONTACT AND/OR A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOUR GREATER SECURITY, TO FACILITATE THE DELIVERY OF THE MERCHANDISE AND FOR ANY EVENTUAL TIMELY COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMPANY (FOR EX. IN CASE OF TEMPORARY UNAVAILABILITY OF GOODS/COLORS). ORDERS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED/DELIVERED UNTIL THE COMPANY PAOLINI GUARLOTTI HAS RECEIVED CONFIRMATION OF THE CORRECT ECONOMIC TRANSACTION IN RELATION TO THE SELLING, THE COMPANY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVENTUAL NONACCEPTANCE OR BACK ORDERS DUE TO ERRORS AND/OR TECHNICAL MALFUNCTIONING ATTRIBUTED TO THE BANKS AND/OR EXTERNAL PROVIDERS.



PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s. does not take responsibility for disruptions of services attributed to causes of force majeure and/or accidental cases such as thefts and/or robberies at the courier responsible for the delivery, fire, explosions, strikes and/or lockout, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, fully or partially, the execution within the time and modalities agreed on the contract. PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s will not be responsible towards any party in regard to damages, losses and costs caused by the non-implementation of the contract for the aforementioned causes since the client has only the right to receiving back the agreed price. Similarly PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s is not responsible for the eventual fraudulent and illicit use that could be done by third parties of bank details, checks and other means of payment, while purchasing the merchandise.


The buyer is committed and obliged, once the “on line” purchase procedure is concluded, to print and keep the present general conditions that, by the way, he/she will have already seen and accepted since it is a compulsory step of the purchase procedure, and the specific description of the product purchased, in order to fully satisfy the conditions set at art. 3 and 4 of the D.Lgs, no° 185/1999. It is strictly prohibited to the buyer to insert fake and/or invented data during the registration procedure that is necessary to activate on his/her behalf the execution of the present contract and the related additional communications; personal data and email address must be his/her real personal data and not third parties’ data or invented data. It is explicitly prohibited to make multiple registrations for the same person or register third persons’ data. PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s. reserves the right to legally persecute any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all buyers. Filling in the personal data sheet in the registration procedure the Client authorises PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s. to activate on his/her behalf the procedure for the execution of the present contract and the related additional communications, the Client authorises PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s to communicate his/her non confidential personal data (address, telephone number) to the couriers of trust used to deliver the purchased merchandise to allow the necessary procedures needed for its delivery.


Any controversy related to the implementation, execution, interpretation and violation of the purchase contract stipulated “on line” through the website is subject to the Italian jurisdiction; the present general conditions are connected, even if not explicitly foreseen, to the combined provisions of the legislative decree no° 50 of 15.1.1992 and of the legislative decree no°185 of 22.5.1999. For any controversy between parties on the present contract will be under the exclusive competence of the Tribunal of Turin.


In compliance with the “Codice del Consumo” (D.lgs. 206 of 2005), within 10 days from the delivery of the merchandise you will have the right to ask for refund or withdrawal: -In case the merchandise is different from what was described and showed; -In case the merchandise delivered is flawed or different from what was ordered, Paolini Guarlotti S.a.s will pick it up and send again the correct material. –In case the request to substitute the merchandise is attributable to the client’s mistake, the client will take care of returning the good, while Paolini Guarlotti S.a.s will only send again the correct merchandise. In case of returned goods, the client is responsible for sending the merchandise to Paolini Guarlotti and he/she will be refunded only after Paolini Guarlotti has verified that it is undamaged. The client is responsible for all costs related to returning the merchandise, the client, via his/her own delivery service provider, will send it to the logistical premises of  PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s upon the PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s’s authorisation that will be given to the Client vie email. All goods must be returned in the same conditions as they have been received, with the original packaging and eventual accessories, the returned or substituted clothes must not be washed or used and they must have the original price tags and labels, without any shortcomings. It must be clear that the risks related to the transportation for returning the merchandise are entirely upon the Client’s responsibility.


It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, download, send, disseminate, transmit, or distribute through any means and in any form, information, data and images taken from the website, unless it is a one and only copy on a singular computer for personal use while off-line and for non-commercials means, in respect of the current laws on copyrights, industrial  and intellectual property rights granted to PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s.. The counterfeiting or the use of the material for other means constitutes a violation of copyrights. All brands and/or distinctive signs present on the website are property of  PAOLINI GUARLOTTI S.a.s., or they have been granted with an implicit commercial license by the respective companies.


Personal data are gathered with the aim to register the client and to activate on his/her behalf the procedures for the execution of the present contract and the related necessary communications; such data are treated electronically in respect of the current laws and they can be shown only upon the request of a judicial authority or other authorities authorised by the law. THE FULL TEXT OF THE INFORMATION NOTE RELATED TO ITALIAN LAW 196/2003 IS AVAILABLE CLICKING HERE (in Italian): PRIVACY DOCUMENT The owner and responsible for the gathering and the treatment of personal data is Paolini Guarlotti S.a.S. - Viale A. Gramsci, 170 10095 Grugliasco (TO) - Tel. 011 781032 - INFO@PAOLINIGUARLOTTI.IT

The information on this website may be changed without notice.


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