Potato- fire Thomas

In this ceramic pot you can roast potatoes just as they come out of the camp-fire. "Potato-fire" by Thomas gives you the savoury original taste of potatoes roasted in their jackets. By this method, all essential vitamins and minerals are preserved. "Potato-fire" is also a decorative feature on any shelf. The patina is characteristic of rustic pottery, combines the effect of fire and earth gives evidence of the crafts man's skill. "Potato fire" by Thomas is ideal for roasting potatoes for informal occasions, where good, hearty food is enjoyed. Eaten with cottage cheese or sour-cream, garlic-butter or with steaks. Serve also young wine and you are sure to enjoy a culinary feast with your guests.

Roasting with Thomas "Potato fire"

"Thomas Potato-fire" is equally surtable for open flame and elettric cooking - large ring - on medium heat. Please note that the pot is not suitable for glass ceramic rings. Place the clean and dry potatoes in their jackets into the pot without any liquid. Roasting takes about 60 minutes. After about 25 minutes the potatoes should be turned once with a fork to allow even roasting. For this reason you do not want to put too many potatoes into the pot. When the potatoes are ready, the pot must not be placed immediately on to a cold surface. "Thomas potato-fire" must not come into contact with water. No cleaning is necessary not even before first time use. The more the pot is used- the better the potatoes taste if cracks occur at the base during the use - don't worry as this is due to the specific combination of materials used. Always use without liquid. These cracks do not affect the durability nor the servicability of the pot.